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ranking fifa 2019

The Spanish midfield wizard thrives in a deeper position, allowing him to put his significant playmaking skills to good use as he conjures up ridiculous attacks for his team. With 82 Dribbling and 83 Passing ratings, Kimmich has the composure and technique to be the paragon of the modern attacking full-back, and a 77 Defending rating that keeps his backline safe as well. The German international has one of the most comprehensive skill sets in Europe; he’s dangerous anywhere in the attack—though he absolutely thrives on the left flank. Coca-Cola Men’s World Ranking) – zestawienie drużyn, reprezentacji narodowych w piłce nożnej zrzeszonych w FIFA (Międzynarodowa Federacja Piłki Nożnej). In Africa and the world, Burundi is the biggest climbers in terms of places gained after picking up 29 points to make the most significant move and ascending 13 positions to be ranked 138th in the world. Another well-rounded player whose abilities make him dangerous in any attacking role, Hazard is a winger by name—but he’s likely to wreak havoc on opponents wherever he happens to pop up on the pitch. Learn how your comment data is processed. Brazilian defensive maestro Casemiro has taken up that mantle at Real Madrid supremely well, and it’s likely that he’ll help them add more to the trophy case. FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. Nainggolan is truly two-way in that he’s nearly as good with the ball as he is at getting it back. Bélgica, Francia y Brasil en el TOP 3. Absolutely exploding last season for Juventus, Dybala played his way into being a household name in world football. The Brazilian shot-stopper was brought to the Merseyside club this summer to improve their defence with the goal of taking a repeat trip to the Champions League final. Whether he’s creating something for a teammate with a clever pass (88 Passing) or bursting into the box to take a shot for himself (80 Shooting), Parejo has a particular set of skills that make him very dangerous in just about any situation. A breakout star for Real Madrid in recent seasons, the Spanish playmaker is able to move around midfield—but his comfort level rises when given the opportunity to use his 92 Dribbling ability. Now helping pull the strings for Bayern Munich, Rodriguez has an astounding 88 Passing rating that combines well with his 86 Dribbling rating to turn him into an assist-creating machine for the talented forwards around him. After a sensational season in which he put on a scoring masterclass in Serie A last year, Immobile is set to have another brilliant year with Lazio. In der FIFA Frauen-Weltrangliste (engl. Combine that with the 91 Shooting rating and it’s easy to understand why Messi has broken nearly every possible goalscoring record. Two-time Serie A top goalscorer Icardi is an instinctual finisher, a forward with a nose for goal and who is as efficient and accurate with both feet as he is with his head. SPORT1. Hummels has a 90 Defending rating, which reflects his powerful tackling, aerial dominance, and ability to read the game from the back. Silva is one of the most complete central defenders in world football (88 Defending), able to create chances and move up the pitch without sacrificing his tackling, organization, and other defensive responsibilities. The only change in the top five compared to 2019 is the appearance of Portugal in 5th place. The Inter Milan shot-stopper has improved steadily over the years, as evidenced by his stellar ratings in most goalkeeping categories. These are the top 100 highest-rated players in FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 Ultimate Team™. In addition to his excellent 90 Pace rating, Insigne is tricky and technical with the ball at his feet thanks to a 91 Dribbling rating, and always good for a pass or cross thanks to a solid 84 Passing rating. Known for an occasionally aggressive, high-risk/high-reward style of goalkeeping, the German is tremendously versatile. As the song his fans sing for him goes, Salah is often seen “running down the wing” with his 92 Pace and 89 Dribbling ratings, leaving a trail of disappointed defenders along the way. Often described as an old-fashioned center forward, there is nothing outdated about Kane’s sheer ability to put the ball in the back of the net. Possibly the greatest Slovak to ever take the pitch, Hamsik has become a hero at Napoli after making nearly 400 appearances over more than a decade with the Italian club. But Lukaku has earned himself a place in the game’s elite by combining his traditional forward’s qualities with an 84 Pace rating, meaning that he’s as likely to leave a defender in the dust as he is to muscle him off the ball. Chiamaka Nnadozie is the goalkeeper of top-ranked African side Nigeria Aged 18, she set a FIFA Women's World Cup™ record at France 2019 She is … The Senegalese winger has exploded onto the scene in recent seasons, impressing for both club and country. Even though tricky Spanish winger Asensio doesn’t top the charts in any one category, he’s above average in several areas. The FIFA points/ranks have been updated daily; 18 February 2021 . The formidable Uruguayan forward is among the finest on his own, but he has formed powerful partnerships for both club and country that make him even better. His 85 Pace and 90 Dribbling ratings mean he’s extremely dangerous and unpredictable on the right side of any attack. Italian hero Bonucci is known around the world for his performances for both club and country, and he’s still going strong. His well-rounded skill set has helped him adapt to just about any situation, but the playmaker’s current role in the heart of Napoli’s midfield is powered by his 84 Dribbling and 84 Passing ratings. Isco reads and anticipates opponents well from his position, and is always looking for creative ways to get the ball to teammates with his 85 Passing. While the LA Galaxy man is a solid passer and dribbler, his finishing is still as world-class as ever, as evidenced by his 86 Shooting rating. Bonucci combines that with an 80 Physical rating that helps him win aerial battles and knock opponents off the ball like it’s second nature. Gebruik de hashtag #FIFARatings op Twitter, Facebook en Instagram om mee te doen aan de discussie. Die FIFA/Coca-Cola-Weltrangliste – Hier erfahren Sie, wo Ihre Mannschaft in der aktuellen Rangliste steht. The Brazilian winger nicknamed “The Magician” during his time at Liverpool is thriving in his role at Barcelona, where his 91 Dribbling constantly mystifies and overwhelms defenders. The Moroccan international has played for some of the world’s biggest clubs in recent seasons, settling in Turin with Juventus after a loan spell. A complete midfielder in the mold of his countryman Xavi, the Spaniard pulls the strings from the middle of the pitch for both club and country. Umtiti is also no slouch in the strength department; his 82 Physical rating is obvious in the ease with which he knocks attackers out of the way, shields the ball when necessary, and flies through the air to win headers. According to FIFA, a total of 1082 full internationals were played in 2019, the biggest number since the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking was introduced in 1993. Das ist die Top 11 bei FIFA 20. Yet another of France’s world champions from this summer, Pogba left Russia as one of the most impressive players from throughout the tournament. Dani Gonzalez 24 octubre, 2019 Selecciones, Portada 1 Comment 561 Views. He has an 86 Defending rating and 80 Physical rating, yet another solid center back skill set, that makes him a proficient tackler, strong in the air, and easily able to hold his own when fighting an opponent. His 86 Pace and 83 Dribbling ratings grab the headlines, but the combination of those with his 80 Shooting and Passing ratings is what truly elevates him to the top of the game. One of the leading goalkeepers in Europe last season, Navas rarely puts a foot (or hand) wrong between the sticks. His modest 82 Physical rating allows him to go toe-to-toe with even the burliest of forwards, but it’s his 91 Defending rating that explains the ball-winning ability and controlled aggression that makes him close to peerless amongst the world’s defenders. Learn more{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. It all adds up to the recipe for a true football legend. The Belgian has an astounding 90 Dribbling rating and 89 Pace, which constantly help him get into dangerous positions in the box. The traditional striker reigns supreme in the Italian capital, taking advantage of his size and pure finishing ability to dominate the scoring charts in Serie A. Experienced Brazilian fullback Luis has that perfect mix, highlighted by an 81 Defending rating and 79 Dribbling rating, easily allowing him to switch gears at the drop of a hat. Now with AC Milan, the Argentine striker still has elite finishing ability, as shown by his 87 Shooting rating, and can hold the ball and show off technique with an 83 Dribbling. An old-school defender with a modern mindset, Chiellini has been a steadfast presence in Italian football for a long time. As if commanding a massive transfer fee as a teenager wasn’t enough, Mbappé showed off what Paris Saint-Germain saw in him last season and during the 2018 World Cup. Having already played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, Chilean midfielder Vidal joined yet another top club when he moved to FC Barcelona last summer. African Champion Algeria is third and ranked 31st in the world while Morocco that displaced Nigeria as the fourth-rated team in Africa, is ranked 35th. Ronaldo beats defenders left and right when attacking, burning them with his 90 Pace and bamboozling them with a 90 Dribbling rating. ist die offizielle Website der UEFA, der Union der Europäischen Fußballverbände, dem Dachverband des Fußballs in Europa. Highly experienced with both club and country, Godín isn’t flashy and ostentatious like some modern center backs—he sticks to the basics and does them extremely well. His signature style, cutting inside from the right wing to shoot with his left foot, is now commonplace—but he remains the master. The all-time leading goalscorer for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Džeko uses his impressive 85 Shooting rating to do one thing: score goals. The Belgian always manages to find space that didn’t exist before, using his speedy 91 Pace and classy 94 Dribbling ratings to open up any game for himself and his teammates. Steadily building his reputation around the world after making his presence known in Serie A, Brazilian left-back Sandro brings a balanced skill-set to a position that is probably more important than ever before. His stellar 88 Passing rating gives him the tools to create just about anything: from through balls to one-two passes to crosses. Generally deployed solely as a defensive midfielder, Serbian international Matić treats his role like a highly-specialized craftsman would. A FIFA Ranking, dominated for the third year in a row by Belgium (1st), in which Senegal remains the best African nation. The Schalke man is also surprisingly good at set pieces, known for blasting the ball into the net with speed and accuracy not always associated with center backs. Ridiculously talented with the ball at his feet (89 Dribbling), Italian midfield maestro Verratti creates space and kicks off attacks either on his own or with a slick, incisive pass (84 Passing) to split the defence wide open. A regular award-winner in LaLiga, it’s safe to say that he will only get better with increased experience at the highest level. Ederson checks nearly all the important boxes for the position, including a 90 Kicking rating that allows him to get counterattacks going quickly and accurately, an 85 Diving rating that explains how he seems to be able to get a hand on the most impossible shot attempts, and a ridiculous 87 Reflexes rating – few can catch him off guard between the posts. The Belgian midfielder is known for his intimidating presence in the middle of the pitch, which isn’t necessarily commonplace for a player whose chief role isn’t to defend or protect his back line. Cavani’s 80 Dribbling lets him get into dangerous positions and shake defenders, while his 87 Shooting shows how brilliant he is when presented with an opportunity to score—because he rarely misses those chances. The strong, tall German center back is another world-class example of the ideal modern defender; technical and composed on the ball, he doesn’t sacrifice even a sliver of his defensive responsibilities. The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on February 18, 2021. Top 11 der Bundesliga in FIFA 20 . Die FIFA-Weltrangliste (offizielle Bezeichnung FIFA/Coca-Cola-Weltrangliste) ist eine Weltrangliste für Fußball-Nationalmannschaften, die vom Weltverband FIFA geführt wird. {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. According to FIFA, a total of 1082 full internationals were played in 2019, the biggest number since the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking was introduced in 1993. Few players can change a match in an instant with a perfect pass or a long-range rocket shot like Modric can. As far as center backs go, the Bayern Munich and Germany stalwart is about as complete a player as the position gets. A household name after he scored the winning goal for France in their 2018 World Cup semifinal against Belgium, Umtiti combines youthful exuberance with a defensive proficiency rarely seen in younger players. The German midfielder is considered a strong playmaker, but Ozil is more often deployed close to the strikers rather than the defenders. Dit zijn de 100 hoogst gewaardeerde spelers in FIFA 19 en FIFA 19 Ultimate Team™. His performances for Real Madrid and France come down to his incredible versatility as a center back—not only does Varane excel as a defender (86 Defending and 80 Physical ratings) in the traditional sense, he’s also quick on his feet (84 Pace), able to support midfield and attack then track back quickly to thwart counterattacks. Though he looks, on the surface, to be a very traditional center forward with his 89 Shooting and 82 Physical ratings, his 85 Dribbling displays a technical ability that equals being well-rounded as a striker, able to weave his way past defenders before smashing the ball into the back of the net. Ranking FIFA octubre 2019. The samba master has made an even bigger name for himself since moving to Paris Saint-Germain, where his signature Brazilian flair is on display every week. His 85 Pace is suited for running onto a teammate’s through ball, and his 85 Shooting ability is good enough that he’s occasionally deployed as a forward. Another paragon of the modern defensive midfielder, Fernandinho has the ideal attributes for his position—with a few tricks up his sleeve for when he happens to make it further up the pitch. 18 February 2021 10 … Generell erfolgt monatlich ein Update des FIFA-Rankings. Lloris can also get anywhere between the posts in a flash to make an acrobatic save, thanks to an 88 Diving rating. The Brazilian shot-stopper has emerged as one of the best young goalkeepers in the world after his big move to Manchester City ahead of the 2017-18 season. The incisive central striker in Barcelona’s system, Suarez constantly frustrates opponents with his elusiveness on the ball (87 Dribbling) and his strength (85 Physical), which keeps defenders at arm’s length. Currently the top-rated defender in world football, Ramos spent his early career as a right-back. Whether it’s helping set up a one-two into the box, releasing a forward on goal with a through ball, or leaping on a loose ball and running it into the box himself, Ozil uses his 86 Passing and 84 Dribbling ratings to great effect from his preferred position. Though he spent much of his career as a winger, the flying Frenchman reached new heights of respect and stardom after moving to center forward. Become part of the movement, conquer the biggest stage, join or … We need N81m to cut grass in Abuja Stadium – Sports... Super Eagles drop three places in FIFA ranking, Ahmed Musa speaks on joining Sheffield Wednesday, FIFA announces nominations for 2020 Best Player, Puskas Awards, Best Coach, Sports Minister calls for overhaul of Super Eagles, FIFA bans CAF president from football for five years, Pinnick refuses to sack Rohr as Super Eagles coach. Mbappé never hesitates to show off his 96 Pace and 89 Dribbling ratings, bombarding the right wing every chance he gets. Oreva Benedict holds a degree in English Language and Literary Studies. Still in the prime of his career, Piqué excels in the air on both sides of the ball thanks to his 76 Physical rating, and his 87 Defending rating includes solid leadership ability, intelligent tackling, and calm composure in even the toughest matches. FUT Web App Icons Player Ratings Top 100 Players Ones to Watch FIFA 19 RATINGS HUB. After thriving in Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga, Aubameyang took his talents to the English Premier League and Arsenal last season. Courtois is not only a defensive asset with his impressive 88 Reflexes and 87 Diving skills, but his ability to hold onto the ball and slip it to a teammate for a quick counterattack (91 Handling) is why he continues to play for renowned clubs. With 83 Defending and Physical ratings, Matić can do nearly anything needed in a defensive capacity—which he is often tasked with doing. This is the arena where the world’s best players, clubs and nations make a name for themselves – fame and glory are just at your fingertips. Wszystko zależy od tego, jakie rozgrywki są w danym roku i na ile miesięcy przypada futbol reprezentacyjny. The Brazilian colossus is tall, even by center back standards at 6’6”, meaning that challenging him for a ball in the air is often utterly futile. Regardless of position, Dybala is a superlative playmaker able to create incredible chances and goals from nothing, using 91 Dribbling and 84 Passing ratings. Possibly the most skillful and technically-gifted fullback in the current game, Marcelo approaches his command of the left flank the only way a Brazilian can—with style. With a combination of 85 Defending and 80 Physical ratings, Busquets dutifully cleans up opposing attacks, distributes the ball to his teammates, and fiercely tackles the ball away from anyone who tries to get close to his goal. Use the hashtag #FIFARatings on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to join in the conversation. His 87 Passing and 82 Dribbling ratings keep him at the top of his midfield game, spraying passes around the pitch and beating opponents with technique and skill. Hamsik’s strengths don’t end with his creative brilliance; he’s also a capable finisher (80 Shooting) in open play and from set pieces. A total of 1082 full internationals were played in 2019, the biggest number since the FIFA World Ranking was […] Privacy & Cookie Policy (Your Privacy Rights). Even though he’s a well-rounded forward with respectable 82 Pace and Dribbling ratings, Immobile’s status as a pure world-class finisher is exemplified by his 87 Shooting rating. Space is never at a premium on the pitch for Koke either, as he twists and turns his way through the opposition using his 82 Dribbling rating. But as with any top fullback, Sandro also possesses dangerous Defending (82) and Physical (83) ratings that make him more than capable of standing up against even the most talented of wingers. But even with this history, the experienced Argentine striker remains at the top of his game, able to beat nearly any defender with the ball at his feet (89 Dribbling) and finish even the most impossible-looking chances (89 Shooting) that come his way. Godín’s 89 Defending covers the many abilities that he has honed and perfected during his long career, from hard tackling to intelligent, quick evaluation of any game situation. The young German right-back has burst onto the scene for both club and country in recent seasons, and for good reason. P ublicado el Ranking FIFA del mes de octubre. His 94 Pace, 87 Dribbling, and 80 Shooting ratings were on display when he scored against Real Madrid in the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, just as they had been all season as Mané played a key role in Liverpool’s devastating attack. His 81 Pace gives him respectable speed for running down the wing, while his 83 Passing also lets him create chances from outside areas. Azpilicueta has a whopping 87 Defending rating, which illustrates his excellence at the most important part of his position. His equally strong Defending and Physical ratings (both 84) make him the perfect candidate for sweeping away attacks in front of the backline and bullying opponents off the ball without even breaking a sweat. He plays well with teammates, but Salah’s goal tally last season is proof that he is just as dangerous when going for goal utilizing his 84 Shooting rating. One of the fastest left midfielders in the game, Costa’s 95 Pace is nothing short of electrifying. Ranking FIFA: Polska na 20. miejscu, zmiany w czołówce. The winger has only improved since then, making a bold move to join the reigning champions ahead of this season. A true legend, Iniesta made headlines this summer for his move from the only professional club he’s ever known, FC Barcelona, to a new challenge with Japanese club Vissel Kobe. When given the opportunity, he can really lash the ball towards goal with an 84 Shooting rating. Fierce central midfielder Matuidi not only impressed with Juventus last season, he also played a crucial role for France in their incredible 2018 FIFA World Cup run. Buffon barely shows signs of wear and tear, still able to compete (and stop) the best in the world. Pero, por primera vez en más de dos años, esta cerca de perder su corona continental. Welcome to the official FIFA 19 ratings hub, where you can find the top players from a variety of leagues and categories in FIFA 19. His 87 Defending and 88 Physical ratings make him perfect for breaking up attacks, protecting the defense, and everything else required of the role. Tottenham Hotspur’s creative genius is the type of player that always surprises and delights; when you think he’s run out of ideas, he pings a pass in at an impossible angle or scores a free kick that few players would even attempt. He can fire the ball with pinpoint accuracy anywhere on the pitch with his 89 Passing rating and create space for himself and teammates with his 82 Dribbling rating. The men's FIFA World Ranking is a ranking system for men's national teams in association football, currently led by Belgium. aktueller Stand, Neuigkeiten und Aufsteiger des Monats. Combined with an excellent 85 Defending rating, Van Dijk is the archetypal modern center back—and he’s in the prime of his career. You have entered an incorrect email address! He excels in many of the top goalkeeping traits, but his 88 Reflexes and 85 Kicking are the highlights that made him so highly-valued this summer.

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